VBA ends 2023 with their 16th Annual Board Meeting and 4th Benefits Roadshow

VBA ends 2023 with their 16th Annual Board Meeting and 4th Benefits Roadshow

VBA ends 2023 with their 16th Annual Board Meeting and 4th Benefits Roadshow

[Atlantic City, NJ, 20 November 2023] — The Voluntary Benefits Association® (VBA) invited over 100+ industry leading VIP’s for another successful benefits roadshow. Kicking off the 1-day event, the VBA conducted their 16th Annual VBA Board Meeting with directors from both the VBA’s Executive and Advisory Boards. This year, we celebrated what has now become an annual event everyone anticipates attending. Beginning with our annual board meeting, followed by insurance continuing education credits and ending the day with our VBA Benefits Roadshow, the 4th in 2023! The event was limited to 100 professionals and we had a waiting list of more than 25.

Each participant had the opportunity to witness firsthand the success achieved through the hard work and support of the association’s dedicated benefits community, VBA board members and our sponsors.

In 2023, the VBA underwent significant developments, commencing with the acquisition of Walt Podgurski’s Daily Insurance Report & Newsletter (“DIR”). The addition of new DIR advertisers and sponsors, a substantial increase in memberships, four roadshows, new technology & automation, and the expansion of full-time employees were notable highlights.

The VBA implemented several strategic initiatives throughout the year, demonstrating its commitment to growth and innovation. The DIR readership experienced double-digit growth, yielding over 17,000 subscribers supported by a robust online presence with 10,000+ LinkedIn and social media followers. The VBA effectively engaged individuals across various roles within the Voluntary Benefits industry, such as carrier representatives, insurance brokers & consultants, human resource executives and third party administrators. 

In 2023, the VBA welcomed several industry leaders to its advisory board, including Don Cahalan, Bill Bade, Neil Mammele, Tom Mckiernan, Amy Mansfield-Nelli, Karen Gathercole, and Joe Garcia. The Chairman of the Board appointed new officers: Lee Stokes assumed the role of President of the VBA Executive Board, Dan Robinson was elevated to President of the VBA Advisory Board, joined by Don Cahalan as 2nd Vice President and Dennis Connor as 1st Vice President. Jake Velie took on a strategic and operational role as the VBA’s President and COO, while Sarah Hunt and Jenny Jenkins were promoted to SVP of Administration and SVP of Operations, respectively.

Over the past year, voluntary benefits have maintained their status as one of the fastest-growing segments in the insurance industry. With employers continuing to shift more costs to employees, while facing talent acquisition and retention challenges, the demand for voluntary benefits is expected to grow substantially in the coming years. The VBA remains a cornerstone for product information, networking, industry data and analytics, new technologies, and regulatory insights at both state and federal levels.

As the voluntary benefits industry evolves, marked by the design of new benefit programs, technological innovations, and the mainstream adoption of artificial intelligence, the VBA expresses appreciation for the collective efforts of their membership, sponsors and directors that continue to contribute to the industry’s growth.

The VBA extends a thank you to participants for attending their 2023 Roadshows and networking events. Since 2008, the organization has played a pivotal role in aiding tens of thousands of brokers, consultants, carrier representatives, and HR professionals to understand the intricacies of the voluntary benefits industry. From LA to Philly and Miami to Boston, the VBA has established a significant footprint across the US.

Looking ahead, the VBA is set to introduce new and enhanced individual/corporate memberships and new member benefits, reaffirming its commitment to providing members with intellectual capital and valuable insights. In 2024, the VBA Roadshows will have stops in Scottsdale, Nashville, Dallas and Philadelphia.

Robert S. Shestack, Chairman & CEO of the VBA, expresses eagerness to lead the organization’s unparalleled journey as it continues to help grow the benefits industry.

For further information, please contact:

Jenny Jenkins
Voluntary Benefits Association® (VBA)

5Star Life Insurance Company Announces New Venture with Paylogix

Partnership targets an enhanced customer experience with integrated HR solutions

ALEXANDRIA, VA – 5Star Life Insurance Company (5Star Life) announced today a new technology-based integration, through the Paylogix Tailored Market Solution, which provides 5Star Life’s customers, agents, and brokers a seamless enrollment and payment experience.

“This collaboration effort with Paylogix underscores 5Star Life’s commitment to innovation and provides customers with best-in-class administrative and end-consumer resources that are an ideal complement to our mission to provide industry-leading service and engagement experiences,“ said Sal Campanile, 5Star Life’s Vice President, Worksite Voluntary Benefit and Group Sales.

The Paylogix Tailored Market Solution simplifies voluntary benefit administration offering quick case set up, a comprehensive online enrollment site, easy case submission process, and a user-friendly online portal to support enrollment, ongoing eligibility management, and billing. This bespoke end-to-end solution adds efficiency and an enhanced digital customer experience to traditional insurer administrative systems.

“The partnership with 5Star Life exemplifies how technology-focused solutions which are standardized, automated, and simplified for providers, brokers, and end-users are critical to the success of voluntary benefits administration,” said Richard Pfadenhauer, CISSP, President & Founder of Paylogix.

About 5Star Life

5Star Life Insurance Company (5Star Life) is the life insurance underwriter of the Armed Forces Benefit Association (AFBA) member benefits and a growing provider of group and worksite voluntary insurance products. Its business model enables 5Star Life to serve the needs of a diverse clientele as an insurance provider to individuals and organizations and as a trusted partner to brokers. Headquartered in Alexandria, VA, 5Star Life is currently licensed in 49 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam. 5Star Life was awarded on the Forbes World’s Best Insurance Companies 2023 list.

About Paylogix

Paylogix®, a third-party administrator, creates premium technology solutions that make voluntary benefits administration simpler and more secure, while delivering a better user experience. Paylogix serves as a trusted partner to benefit providers, brokers, and employers. Our thoughtfully designed tools to facilitate enrollment through billing and payment are automated, innovative, and secure to provide users with the data they need, when they need it.


Voluntary Benefits Association’s Benefits Roadshow: Showcasing Innovation and Collaboration at The Rooftop on the Wit in the beautiful city of Chicago

Chicago, Ill, 07/13/2023 – An exciting event, dedicated to fostering innovation and collaboration, was held at the Rooftop on the Wit on July 13, 2023. This highly anticipated gathering brought together industry leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts in a dynamic environment, providing a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and celebration.

The event kicked off at 5:00 PM with the arrival and registration of esteemed guests. Upon checking in at the registration area, attendees were greeted with a warm welcome as they embark on an evening of discovery and connection with spectacular city lights views.

At 5:30 PM, the Chairman & CEO, Rob Shestack, took center stage alongside our Event Committee Chair Dan Robinson, to deliver an engaging welcome address, setting the tone for an eventful evening. With great enthusiasm, the Chairman & CEO provided an overview of the event, highlighting the exciting activities and opportunities that lie ahead. Attendees were encouraged to mingle, network, and immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere, creating lasting connections and sparking new collaborations.

A highlight of the agenda included a captivating presentation by Wayne Goshkarian, CEO of Dylan Consulting from 6:00 PM to 6:15 PM. As Wayne from Dylan Consulting took the spotlight, he shared their expertise and insights, captivating the audience with their innovative ideas. Following the presentation, attendees had the opportunity to participate in a stimulating question-and-answer session, fueling intellectual exchange and fostering a spirit of curiosity.

The event continued to showcase gratitude and recognition, as the first sponsor is celebrated at 6:15 PM. The audience witnessed the announcement of the lucky winner of an exclusive $500 giveaway, courtesy of the generous sponsor. This moment of appreciation serves as a reminder of the collaborative spirit that drives the event.

Furthermore, attendees were honored to meet the esteemed board members, introduced by the Chairman & CEO, Rob Shestack. This networking opportunity allows guests to engage directly with board members, seek their guidance, and gain valuable insights into the mission and vision of the Voluntary Benefits Association (VBA). The Chairman & CEO also extended heartfelt thanks to the event’s sponsors, including Triada, PlanSource, Pets Benefits Solution, and Dylan Consulting, whose support has contributed to the success of this extraordinary gathering.

At 7:00 PM, the stage was handed over to Amy Crane, Vice President for Pets Benefits Solutions, who captivated the audience with a 10-minute presentation all about how our pets are more than pets, they are family and how Pet Benefits Solution provides a variety of health and wellness plans to accommodate employee’s pet’s and to save money on healthcare for your prized possessions. Their expertise in the field was on full display, providing valuable knowledge and sparking discussions. Following the presentation, attendees had the opportunity to participate in an engaging question-and-answer session. Pets Benefits Solutions further delighted guests with an exclusive giveaway, offering a chance to win a weekend night’s stay for two at The Ben in West Palm Beach, including breakfast. Additionally, their sponsorship extends to the enticing Mudslide Bulldog or the Tropical Parrot specialty drink, adding an extra delight to the event.

The excitement continued as 7:15 PM approached, with additional giveaways being distributed among the attendees. A delightful invitation will also be extended to indulge in mouthwatering desserts and coffee, graciously sponsored by PlanSource. This gesture of appreciation recognizes the importance of all the venue and food sponsors who have contributed to making this event an unforgettable experience.

As the clock strikes 8:00 PM, the event ended, marking the end of a remarkable evening filled with knowledge, networking, and celebration. Attendees departed at their leisure, carrying with them newfound connections, inspiration, and a renewed sense of community, many joining our board of advisors for an after-event libation and continued conversations.

The VBA will host our exclusive Board Meeting in Atlantic City, NJ in the third week of April and will include another Benefits Roadshow Networking Event to end the day in style. Attendees will immerse themselves in an evening of innovation, collaboration, and opportunity. This is an event you don’t want to miss! Be on the lookout for the invitation to this exclusive opportunity.


For media inquiries, please contact:

Jenny Jenkins
Senior Vice President of Operations
mobile: 561-398-1060

About the Voluntary Benefits Association

The Voluntary Benefits Association is the first national non-profit trade association focused on Voluntary Benefits for employer groups and affinity groups. Our goal is to promote the education, implementation, and enrollment of Voluntary Benefits in the workplace.

Rosen Advisory to Present M&A Education at NABIP’s National Convention


Brett Rosen, Principal of Rosen Advisory, will be presenting “Intentional Perpetuation” at NABIP’s National Conference being held June 24-28th in New Orleans as part of NABIP’s ongoing commitment to providing M&A education to NABIP members.

Brett will be leading two M&A focused sessions at the conference.

The first session is entitled “Intentional Perpetuation” and will help owners design their next chapter and ensure they get all the value they seek in a merger or sale.

Being intentional is the key to success in most business endeavors, and none more so than planning to perpetuate or sell your agency. In this session, Brett will cover three steps owners must embrace to achieve their optimal M&A/perpetuation outcome. First, Brett will review what he calls “5 Star Planning” as it relates to the perpetuation or sale of your business. Next, Brett will then outline all possible M&A options and help you better understand your “Owner Persona” so you can think about what is best for you. Thereafter, Brett will close the session with a discussion about maximizing your opportunity by avoiding common pitfalls that trip up many owners.

The second M&A session is a panel discussion with several accomplished buyers and sellers of agencies that will provide attendees with real life examples of how to succeed with M&A.

Brett will lead this discussion with Mark Gaunya, Partner, Borislow; Dan Mangus VP of Growth and Development, Senior Marketing Specialists; and Robert Tierney, Principal, OneDigital

This accomplished panel will provide agency owners with a 360-degree view of the M&A market, whether it is buying agencies, selling your agency, merging and other perpetuation options. All these topics, and more, will be discussed by these professionals who have been part of deals for decades.

About Rosen Advisory:
Rosen Advisory (www.rosenadvisory.com) is a leading M&A Advisory firm, representing employee benefits and insurance related owners on their M&A journey. Brett Rosen, Principal, has worked with hundreds of agency owners and been part of 65+ closed transactions in the space.  With a holistic approach that considers owners, their teams and their clients, firms that work with Rosen are able to write their next chapter while ensure a successful transaction.

About NABIP:
NABIP, the National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professionals, is a professional trade represents health insurance agents, brokers, consultants, and benefit professionals. NABIP’s primary goal is to promote ethical practices, education, and advocacy within the health insurance industry.

As a leading organization in the field, NABIP provides its members with valuable resources, networking opportunities, continuing education programs, and industry insights. It supports its members in staying updated with the latest trends, regulations, and best practices in health insurance.

NABIP also actively advocates for policy changes that impact the healthcare system. The association engages with legislators and regulatory bodies to ensure that the interests of its members and the clients they serve are well-represented. NAHU strives to shape healthcare policy in a way that supports affordable, accessible, and quality

The Most Important Benefit

Cybercrime is the number one crime in the world according to the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and is expected to reach over $10 Trillion in damages by 2025.  The trend is expected to continue rising for many years.  The major targets are businesses, employees and their families that have not taken the time to strengthen their cyber security defenses.  

When an employee loses their reputation and finances to Identity Theft, it literally turns their world upside-down.  It is an exigent emergency that takes them away from work, causes extraordinary financial strain and demands, and requires extensive legal resources to remedy.  Most employees have some notion that this is dangerous, but don’t fully understand the impact.

Wouldn’t it be nice to spare them this pain and angst?  Wouldn’t it be nicer to have your employee focused and at work instead of calling out in a panic due to this emergency?  You can protect them, and protect your business, proactively.  

The tools used by cyber criminals include viruses embedded in emails, texts (smshing), ransomware, malware, websites, and other means.  Trusted, vetted security tools can prevent nearly all of this, but they are not all the same.  Whitelist antivirus, for example, is one of the only tools that can stop previously unknown attack methods including Zero-Day malware and Ransomware.  Having a team of experts identify and vet these tools can provide you with significant advantage and overcome the “technology gap.”  With more people working from home and remotely it has now become a “target rich” environment for the cybercriminal, particularly because they lack the more common (but expensive) protections in place for larger corporate networks.  

Individuals, families, and businesses that have experienced these crimes know the devastating consequences that result from them.  All too often people’s life savings are wiped out, and families made destitute.  

Many small businesses that have experienced these types of attacks are often out of business within months after an attack as a result because the recovery cost most often exceeds available capital reserves.

So, what is the answer or remedy for this bad news?  Well one answer is to build up your cybersecurity defenses so that your business and your employees are NOT easy targets.  Cyber criminals (like most criminals) will not spend their time, money or efforts on a business or person if they have a robust defense posture – their goal is to steal, and there are plenty of easy targets to attack if you and your employees become a “hard target.”  

That defense begins with your employees’ cybersecurity.  They are your first line of defense.  If you don’t defend them, they can fall prey to these consequences, and your business will suffer from a loss of staff and potentially a loss of your own assets.  

Years ago, miners would take a canary with them when they went into a mine.  The canary was the active warning system to warn of dangerous gases.  The canary would sometimes die; but it would always warn the miners that dangerous gases were present.  But employees are not canaries.

Employees of a company all too often serve as the first warning that something is not right.  If a business starts seeing people in their company become victims of cybercrime, that’s a major clue.  But at that point, protecting those employees’ costs hundreds of thousands of dollars just for the employee’s recovery of their identity, reptation and correction of their credit score, not to mention the absences and sub-par performance of an employee under such extreme stress.  Educating them as to the risk and consequences builds an appreciation for the benefit.  Providing protections including proactive security and identity theft coverage will also build loyalty from them knowing that their employer is actively looking out for safety and concern.

Employees working remotely need protection for their cyber assets too, because they likely use their own computers to work from home, and most certainly connect to their home network before they access your company network.  If they get a cyber infection and connect to work, they bring that infection with them and likely spread it.  But unlike a human, it’s not obvious that the computer is sick, until it’s too late.  Protecting them is protecting yourself, in several different ways as we’ve articulated.

You need coverage with vetted, trusted, proper cybersecurity protection.  Today, coverage for cyber security protection is no longer a luxury but a necessity for companies and their employees as the statistics clearly show that there are more and more victims every year.  

Some companies’ leadership know other people who have suffered cyber-attack and the nightmare of recovery, while others think “It hasn’t been me, thus it won’t be.”  The latter perspective is like saying “I’m a good driver, so I don’t need car insurance.”  It ignores mechanical failures, road conditions, weather and other drivers, the combination of which are responsible for far more issues than the driver is.  We’ve enumerated some of the more serious consequences in this article but by far, not all of them.  Since 2005 when it began, the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project (https://www.cve.org/) has counted 198,881 publicly known computer and network security vulnerabilities and exposures. That’s an average of 30 issues a DAY since 2005, and the pace is accelerating.  And that’s just the Publicly known issues.  Ten Trillion dollars damage ($10,000,000,000,000.00) a year by 2025 may be a gross underestimate.  

Do what is necessary to get your and your employees protected.  Employee coverage should include a NIST Compliant Whitelist Antivirus, Identity Theft program, VPN, Password Manager and Vault and cyber safety training at minimum.  As a business owner you probably want to consider becoming compliant with NIST cybersecurity recommendations, the Capability Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and reviewing which security systems have been reviewed and approved for use by the federal government (FedRamp Certifications).  

Remember that criminals will attack the easiest targets and ignore the hard targets until later.  The best offense against these cybercrimes is a good defense.  This is a case where you DON’T want to be the last adopter in the market.  Don’t be an easy Target.    

Chris Kirkland, CEO 
Doug Gould, CTO
Cyber Team U.S.

PlanSource- Eclipse- Blew our socks off!

The Voluntary Benefits Association® (VBA) had the distinct pleasure of attending PlanSource’s elite event Eclipse in Nashville, TN. PlanSource is a technology company that automates and simplifies every aspect of employee benefit programs, so employees and HR teams can make smarter, more confident benefits decisions. 

What an experience we had learning all about how PlanSource is such a versatile technology platform for employers who are truly looking for an engaging tool that helps employees navigate their benefits and offerings in one simple-to-use software. I was amazed at the ability of the software to easily be white-labeled for employers to use as their intranet site for all things benefits with their new product, The Source.

The team at PlanSource brought their best partners together for a 2023 update and to gain insight from their partners on what they are doing well and what they could do better. They presented their 2023 goals which included even better integrations, a faster onboarding process, and such ease for employers to get everything they offer in one spot for their employees to access.  

Some of the staggering statistics were mind-boggling. One stated that employees typically spend about 15 minutes selecting their benefits. With so much at stake, easier software with a better user experience could help employees get the benefits that fit their current needs and see benefits that will help them in their future from a health and wealth perspective. 

The most impressive experience at this event was the interactive round tables where the C-Suite team of PlanSource took time with small groups asking pointed questions surrounding their service as well as getting perspectives on pain points that brokers face and employers experience and how to best to solve challenges with a much more robust communication strategy for employees to easily engage and get the most from what their employer is offering in terms of benefits.

Finally, the fun. The meeting was interactive, and the evening events were well executed. We got to have a taste of Nashville at The Gibson Garage where a delicious dinner was served, and we got to hear the songwriter’s version of many songs written for some of the most famous entertainers in the country.

What a great experience all around. PlanSource is a step above the rest with its customer-centric focused approach to servicing its clients.

The Voluntary Benefits Association (VBA), is the nation’s largest, leading non-profit in voluntary benefits, also known as ancillary or supplemental insurance. As THE national influencers we serve as the central point of communication for the industry, offering networking, education, and the latest updates on the trends, best practices, and innovations for:

  • Insurance Brokers & Consultants
  • Carrier Representatives
  • Human Resource Executives
  • Voluntary Benefit Service Providers

We focus on improving the health of our partners and their teams through the sharing of proven strategies and success stories of employee benefit solutions.

Wanderers Add U.S. Based Sports Enthusiasts to the Boardroom

Dorking Wanderers have today confirmed that they have added to their senior management team with new shareholders, Rob and Kyle Shestack from the United States.

Sports enthusiasts Rob and Kyle, who are also huge Philadelphia Eagles fans, join the Wanderers set-up following several months of positive dialogue with the Wanderers board. After developing a passion for Dorking Wanderers from afar, they will primarily be responsible for building the clubs profile and followers both in the United States and across the globe.

Rob is an Actuary by trade, and Kyle specialises in the insurance sector, so they bring a wealth of business acumen to add to the Wanderers management structure as the club embarks on the next chapter of it’s non-league journey.

“Once I stumbled upon the Dorking story I was hooked. I read and watched many interviews that Marc had done, saw the Bunch of Amateurs episodes, saw the British record of promotions, and thought this could be the perfect opportunity to attempt to get involved with a special club. I researched the community and saw how unique the story was and how much the club means to the town. I shared this insight with Rob and he agreed that it would be worth reaching out. After getting in touch the club got straight back to me, and over the next few months Marc and I spoke almost daily on what it would look like for us to join the Wanderers. The rest as they say is history and we’re looking forward to playing our part in helping DWFC reach its full potential”.

Kyle Shestack

Executive Director Kris Lea said: “We are delighted to welcome Kyle and Rob to our boardroom. Their enthusiasm is infectious, and they have demonstrated from the outset a real desire to help the club move forward. The senior management team felt that they would be a great fit, and we are looking forward to seeing the positive impact they will make on the club stateside”

Kris Lea, Executive Director, DWFC

Both Rob and Kyle are in the UK for the Wanderers home fixture versus Torquay United on February 21st (when they will be introduced to supporters before the match), and Wrexham away on February 25th.

To learn more, visit: dorkingwanderers.com

Voluntary Benefits Association® Announce Strategic Partnership

Triada Health has signed on as the newest VBA Corporate Sponsor

Houston – January 25, 2023 The Voluntary Benefits Association® (VBA) is delighted to announce our newest strategic partnership with Triada Health. Combining the VBA’s commitment to Employee Benefits Education and Triada’s desire to offer hassle-free, affordable products. It’s a convenient way to address needs within the benefits community.

VBA is the first national non-profit trade association focused on Voluntary Benefits for employer groups and affinity groups. Their goal is to promote the education, communication, implementation, and enrollment of Voluntary Benefits in the workplace. Unlike other organizations that focus strictly on the Agent/Broker community; the Insurance Carriers or solely engage with the Human Resources and Benefits Community; VBA is dedicated to the entire Group Healthcare & Employee Benefits Ecosystem.

The partnership allows for great benefit strategies with a potential to deliver breakthrough client results. “The VBA has a strong makeup of industry leaders and champions of employee benefit solutions and we are excited to partner with the VBA to help brokers and consultants deliver real value and innovative solutions to employers and employees across America, in all
50 states, at a time when they have never needed it more,” says Dennis Ontaneda, Sales Vice President at Triada.

“We are very excited to welcome Triada Health to the VBA team. The voluntary benefits industry is evolving, and we know there is a need for advancements around products and enrollment solutions. We are confident Triada Health addresses the industry’s need for the design of “cutting-edge” products and innovations in technology. Triada Health’s expertise and new product designs will help propel the voluntary benefits industry to the next level.” Robert S. Shestack, Chairman & CEO, of the Voluntary Benefits Association®.

About Triada Health

Triada Health is a provider of supplemental health benefits solutions, driven by technology and an integrated customer experience. The solutions are distributed through independent brokers and agents to employer groups of varying sizes. With products designed to integrate seamlessly into medical plans Triada strives to help employers create ways to improve their benefit strategies. Triada’s insurance solutions are available in all 50 states (including New York). Learn more at https://www.triada.com/ or follow Triada Health LLC on Linkedin.

About the Voluntary Benefits Association®

Founded in 2008, The Voluntary Benefits Association® (VBA) is the nation’s largest, leading education and information non-profit association in voluntary benefits industry. As the foremost national influencers, we serve as the central point of communication for the industry. For further information or questions, please contact: Jenny Jenkins, Managing Director, at 561-398-1060 or jjenkins@vbassociation.com.

The Voluntary Benefits Association® (VBA) is pleased to announce the acquisition of the “Daily Insurance Report.”

The Voluntary Benefits Association® (VBA) is pleased to announce the acquisition of the “Daily Insurance Report.”

  • The Voluntary Benefits Association®, is the nation’s largest non-profit benefits industry association focused on Voluntary Benefits for employer and affinity groups, with over 10,500 LinkedIn members.
  • The “Daily Insurance Report” is subscribed to by 25,000 elite insurance industry influencers who receive it Monday – Friday and have a quick overview of what is appearing in the media regarding the insurance industry: with an emphasis on life, health, and employee benefits.

Philadelphia, PA / January 3rd, 2023
Robert S. Shestack, CFF, CVBS, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the “Daily Insurance Report” by the Voluntary Benefits Association®. “Adding the resources of the “Daily Insurance Report” to our catalog of services provided to our membership and industry organizations will significantly enhance the value we bring to the employee benefits industry,” said Mr. Shestack.

“We are also excited to enlist the addition of industry icon and veteran, Walt Podgurski, publisher, who will become a VBA Executive Board Member & Advisor, and continue to assist with the newsletter production and related media services” Shestack continued.

Walt Podgurski released the following statement: “It is a privilege to join the VBA in their pursuit of voluntary employee benefit plan excellence. I look forward to working with Rob, Jenny, Sarah, and the entire team, including the Board of Directors, Members, Brokers, Sponsors, and Clients to bring meaningful and relevant services to the people and organizations engaged in the sales and service of employee benefit plans.”

The Voluntary Benefits Association®, is the nation’s largest industry specific association focused on Voluntary Benefits for employer and affinity groups.

As THE national influencers we serve as the central point of communication for the voluntary benefits industry, offering networking, education, certifications and latest updates on the trends, analytics, best practices, and innovations for:

  • Insurance Brokers & Consultants
  • Carrier Representatives
  • C-Level and Human Resource Executives
  • Voluntary Benefit Service Providers
  • Third-Party Administrators
  • Insure-Tech & Start-Up Entrepreneurs

The focus of the VBA is improving processes and outcomes for our partners and their teams through the sharing of proven strategies and success stories of employee benefit solutions.

For more information, visit: https://vbassociation.com/.

VBA Announces New Advisory Board Appointment

Bill Bade of Sydney Consulting Most Recent VBA Advisory Board Member

Mount Laurel, NJ – December 15th, 2022 – Today, the Voluntary Benefits Association® announces the appointment of Bill Bade, President of Sydney Consulting, to the Advisory Board of Directors of the Voluntary Benefits Association®.

The Voluntary Benefits Association® (VBA) held their 15th Annual Meeting on November 30th, 2022, at the new Hilton Garden Inn Camden Waterfront Philadelphia. During the board meeting, the Executive & Advisory Joint Board made several decisions relative to the direction of our 2023 strategy for our members. Given the climate of the U.S. increased cost of healthcare and the financial gaps employee face, our goals are in line with making disruptive industry change, educating brokers and employers alike to find ways to save money for both employers and their employees, close financial coverage gaps as well as help in retention of valuable human capital.

The Joint Board of the VBA voted on several appointments to enhance the current Board of Directors with renowned VB industry professionals that will bring their expertise to our members. We are proud to announce the appointment of Bill Bade, to the VBA Advisory Board. During his distinguished career, Bill has held positions in account management and product development as well as risk management. Bill is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA) and founder of Sydney Consulting Group, whose actuaries, attorneys, and support staff serve over 50 insurance carriers, brokers, and technology firms in the Voluntary Benefits market.

“The Voluntary Benefits Association® is a well-respected advocate for our industry, and I am excited to join the rest of the advisory board in promoting the education, implementation, and enrollment strategies of voluntary benefits at the workplace. I look forward to supporting the growth of the association under Rob, Lee, and Krystie’s leadership.” Bill Bade, Founder, Sydney Consulting

“We are very excited to welcome Bill to the team. The voluntary benefits industry is evolving, and we know that there is a need for data analytics, quality resources for regulatory updates, and innovation around product and enrollment solutions. I am confident that with Bill on the team, we can provide the value and support that our members are looking for. It is an exciting time in the voluntary benefits industry. Bill brings the expertise and industry backing that will help propel the VBA to the next level.” Krystie Dascoli, CVBS, National Practice Leader of Voluntary Benefits for MMA and President, of the VBA Advisory Board.

“Appointing Bill, to our current distinguished members of the Board of Directors, will continue to elevate the intellectual property and experience the VBA offers to our growing industry. His knowledge is world-class, and he will play an important role as we head into 2023 and beyond.” Rob Shestack, CVBS, CFF, Chairman & CEO of VBA.

Please join me in congratulating Bill on this appointment and welcoming him to our organization. Bill will be integral for our members and association co-leading the CVBS Certifications program and the Legislative issues that affect our industry.

About the Voluntary Benefits Association®

Founded in 2008, The Voluntary Benefits Association (VBA) is the nation’s largest, leading education and information non-profit association in voluntary benefits industry. As the foremost national influencers, we serve as the central point of communication for the industry, offering networking, education, and the latest updates on the trends, regulations, best practices, and innovations for: Insurance Brokers & Consultants, Carrier Representatives, Human Resource Executives and Voluntary Benefit Service Providers. We focus on improving growth of our partners and their teams through the sharing of proven strategies and success stories of voluntary employee benefit solutions.

For further information or questions, please contact:

Jenny Jenkins
Managing Director
Mobile: 561-398-1060
Direct: 856-326-5247
Email: jjenkins@vbassociation.com Website: www.VBassociation.com