VBA Announces Brand Refresh

VBA Announces Brand Refresh

VBA Announces Brand Refresh

Voluntary Benefits Association’s Brand Refresh Affirms Commitment to Employee Benefits Community

(Mount Laurel, NJ) The Voluntary Benefits Association (VBA), the non-profit trade organization in the Voluntary and Workplace Benefits industry, today announced an update of its official branding guidelines and assets. The branding refresh will communicate the vision of the VBA to promote well-rounded employee benefit programs.

Since 2008, The VBA has promoted best practices and inspired transformative change in the Voluntary and Workplace Benefits industry. To represent this progress, the brand refresh will present a new logo, brand narrative, expansion of member offerings and benefits, and new certification programs with regulatory and pandemic-related topics.

A historical first for the VBA, the refresh comes after 15-years of serving benefits professionals with training and resources to promote Voluntary Benefits. The refresh brings renewed energy, affirming a commitment to the VBA’s mission: To promote the education, implementation, legal perspectives and enrollment of voluntary benefits in the workplace. Part of the organization’s strategy to evolve its business is to create a foundation for new opportunities, reconnect with employee benefits professionals, industry affinity groups, and influencers.

The world of Voluntary Benefits looks very different from 2008, when the VBA first launched. Over the years, the VBA has cemented its status as the reliable industry voice, resource, educator, and epicenter for all things Voluntary Benefits. With an abundance of initiatives– national conference, monthly digital magazine, webinars, research library and several professional designation programs, such as its Certified Voluntary Benefits Specialist (CVBS)– the VBA’s contribution has been monumental to the growth and diversification of product offerings in the voluntary benefits industry.

Voluntary Benefit sales have grown at a compounded annual growth rate of +/- 6% year over year. Among the factors fueling the growth and increased adoption: changing workforce demographics, new products and services, talent recruitment, and retention challenges amid an increasingly competitive labor market.

Voluntary Benefits remain an attractive option for companies to enhance their employee benefit offerings at little or no cost to the employer. A Voluntary Benefits program is also a cost-effective way to boost worker satisfaction, presenteeism and productivity.

“Voluntary Benefits are Employers’ secret weapons against COVID-19,” says Rob Shestack, the VBA’s Chairman & CEO. “Smart employers understand now is the time to invest in how your organization can leverage voluntary benefits to provide employees the opportunity to protect their families and build a safety net. Employers need a way to do this with minimal costs. This is the most pivotal time since the VBA’s inception and it is our responsibility to ensure that employers and benefits professionals know the VBA is here supporting them, helping them be the best employers that they can be and recruit and retain the talent they want.”