EndpointLock Encryption

Desktop and Mobile Security

EndpointLock™ Keystroke Encryption software addresses a security threat known as keylogging spyware, which has become a main component in cyberattacks and are commonly downloaded as a result of clicking on an infected link inside an email, text message, social media or web page.

  • This practice of tricking unsuspecting victims into clicking on links that look legitimate is called “phishing”. According to recent reports, phishing was found in 90% of breaches and 95% of all phishing attempts that led to a breach, were followed by software installation, including keyloggers. Once a keylogger has infected a desktop, tablet or mobile device, it steals every keystroke typed including access credentials, credit card and banking information along with other sensitive data.
  • Keyloggers are difficult to detect by traditional antivirus and firewalls, even if these programs are kept up-to-date. According to recent reports, 97% of malware is now polymorphic, meaning it has the ability to change its form and evade antivirus.
  • Passwords and login credentials are created to identify a person entering  a secure environment and can be considered the first link in the security chain. If keylogging spyware captures these credentials, it creates a weak link in the security chain and can give an unauthorized person access to    a secure environment storing Personal Identifying Information (PII). With EndpointLock™ Encryption, companies can strengthen the first link in the security chain by protecting their passwords and other credentials against keyloggers. EndpointLock™ Encryption eliminates the ability of keylogging spyware to capture keystrokes, even if a device is already infected. Hackers will always find ways to trick users into downloading a keylogger.
  • With EndpointLock™ Encryption installed, the key logger, referenced above, is rendered useless.