Advisory Board

At the Executive Board of Director’s Inaugural VBA Meeting, it was determined by the Board that they would appoint 11 Advisory Board Members.
Appointed by the Executive Board of Directors, the Advisory Board Members were chosen based upon their diverse representation of industry segments, their professional background, and right composition of knowledge, skills, abilities and diversity, and/or networking community.
The VBA relies on their areas of expertise or networks to fill in the gaps or in aspects where the VBA may be limited and in need.

VBA Annual Advisory Board Meeting led by VBA President, Rob Shestack

Robert Shestack, CVBS, CFF

Executive Chairman

RAE Egleston, CVBS

Vice Chairman

Heather Garbers, CVBS


Krystie Dascoli, CVBS

1st Vice President

Marlin Woods, CPC

2nd Vice President

Sal Campanile

Advisory Board Member

Paul J. Ziats, CLU, ChFC, LLIF

Advisory Board Member

Robert "Griff" Griffith

Advisory Board Member

Alvin Heggie

Advisory Board Member

Trevor J. Garbers, CVBS

Advisory Board Member

Michael Naumann, CVBS

Advisory Board Member

Dennis J. Connor III, VBS, CVBS

Advisory Board Member

Ed Sutton

Advisory Board Member

Thomas J. Farmer, CVBS

Advisory Board Member